Company founder and decorator

Giancarlo was born in San Severo, a small town in the   province of Foggia

He enters the world of decoration and design at the age of 18 in the Lazzari company where he learns and becomes passionate about posing and researching  materials.

In the 80s he founded the Marino Decorations company which has been operating in the sector of interior renovation and decoration ever since. The   headquarters are now located in Milan in San Michele del Carso, 9 Milan.

Giancarlo today takes care of the construction site management of Marinodecorations.


Talented painter and decorator’s wife, she takes care of receiving customers and researching new materials for the showroom.

Ismaela has carried out many projects over the years, among the most beautiful then made by the marine and by the decoration company.


Interior Designer graduated from the European Institute of Design.

He is responsible for the agencies present in the showroom and for the design of the ok studio construction sites.


Responsible for customer reception and color projects.


Showroom color design gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the advice of one of our experts who will guide you through the world of color and interior design.

This type of design is perfect for working on certain rooms.

In-showroom color project.
60 minutes
€ 150,00 by appointment only.

In-home color project is perfect for anyone who wants to make their home unique with color, paper and fabric choices agreed upon with one of our designers.

Color project in your home
120 minutes
280,00 in Milan, Out of town to be agreed with the show room.
By appointment only.

Marino Atelier has the possibility to manage also the whole project of your abode, with our group of craftsmen and professionals we can offer you a service that starts from the renovation of the house to the delivery of the building site.

We will design together the home you want, from furniture to wall coverings from wallpapers to decorations.

Whole house project estimate on request.


Decoration has always been the hallmark of our company and our showrooms, we are always looking for new techniques and cutting-edge finishes, but never forgetting the art learned in our long experience in this field. We have the great honor of having surveyors and master craftsmen on our team for every area of decoration from the installation of wallpapers, fabrics, draperies, resins, lime, stucco and many other innovative finishes and of which we feel proudly the only installers in the world.


Marino Atelier not only offers a comprehensive selection of the highest level of materials for home furnishing and decoration, but also has all the necessary skills to develop the design of the entire house with the client.
From renovation to decoration and design of furniture pieces all worked out in harmony with the client’s requirements.